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Happy 2010~~~

We had a good 4 happening days in welcoming 2010…

My hubby, myself and Jamie went to a good friend’s ROM at One Rochester Restaurant today. It was really a great event and most importantly, we witnessed a good friend’s Solemnization. HG had always been very helpful towards us and even called himself Jamie’s godfather. Now that he has joined the Mr and Mrs Club with his wife, I look forward to welcoming a new playmate for Jamie from them ^^

Jamie was pretty thrilled by the crowd and I believe she enjoyed herself very much too~ She was very awake which was unusual and behaved well. However, it may also be due to alot of new faces, hence she needed us to cuddle her more than usual. But I believe, as we expose her more to crowds, she will soon get used to seeing different faces.


How did all of you celebrate your countdown on New Year’s Eve? We had another very cosy gathering at Yeewen’s house. We had steamboat and watched the Countdown on TV together~!!! The best part was the CHEERS after the clock struck 12midnight~!!!

Nothing beats spending time with your close friends~ And of coz Jamie was the center of attention again and though she required a bit more cuddling, she was still the hot favourite for her two YiYis… Hahaha…

Take a look at our table of food…

Everyone having fun cooking…

Jamie: “Hope I can grow up and eat at the table with everyone soon~”

And as usual, Jamie wore another pretty dress and looked really cute~!!! Hahaha… We took another family photo together ^^


On the 1st Jan 2010, I met up with my Primary School mates. It was really not easy for us to come together and meet up after so many years. Although we only had 9 pax attending this gathering, but I believe if we try hard enough, we can gather more of our schoolmates from Class of 1991 🙂

Hence I create a FB group in hope to gather more of our former school mates…


2nd Jan was Jamie first injection day…

We decided to go to Yishun Polyclinic and not TMC, partly because it was believed to cost at least 30-50% more to see a PD or have vaccinations in a private hospital. And partly because my niece had her vaccinations there as well.

Jamie is a brave little girl. She only screamed for a second and then kept quiet after we cuddled her. Hope she will remain a brave girl for more of her vaccinations.

By the way, Jamie is 7th week now, 4.3kg and 55cm…

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