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Asher’s Full Month Celebration and Dinner with Xiaxia (191209)

So happy that we can attend Asher’s Full Month Celebration ^^

And Jamie gets to wear another pretty dress for this event~!!!

I think it was quite fated that Asher eventually was still 8 days younger than Jamie. I remember Rachel was worried that she had to induce much earlier and hence Asher could have become Jamie’s ‘senior’. However, it turned out I was the one who had to do deliver much earlier. Hahaha…

Asher was so tiny~ At first, I thought Jamie was tiny enough but he was smaller in size than Jamie~!!! Take a look at the two new mummies carrying different babies 😛

Jamie was really thrilled because it was her first day out with her new stroller~!!! And she seemed to got used to it already. She was sleeping very soundly throughout the whole outing…

Can’t wait to watch Jamie and Asher grow up together and become good friends ^^

After visiting Rachel, we met Xiaxia and CL at Thomson Plaza for dinner. It was the first time Xiaxia sees Jamie, after she visited me at TMC after my delivery. Though it was a pity that she couldn’t attend Jamie’s full month celebration, she still has many more years to watch Jamie grows up~!!!

See how delighted she was, carrying Jamie in her arms~!!! Jamie was so cranky and cried so loud for her milk, while my hubby had to ask for hot water at a bakery, Xiaxia wasn’t even irritated by her crying. I believe she will be a good mother herself next time~!!!

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