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Happy One Month to Jamie cum Happy 3rd year ROM Anniversary to me and my hubby :)

Hihi All 🙂
Yeahhhhhh!!! Today is my official first day on my own with Jamie ^^

And today is also the first time I bathed her!!!

Though she was crying today when I bathed her but I wasn’t discouraged. Everyone has their first time and I believe very soon I will be doing just fine 🙂

Yesterday we did the first month ritual for Jamie at my mum’s house before returning back to my MIL’s house. It was quite an interesting ritual, which includes bathing, cutting of hair, trimming of fingernails and toenails and also praying to the ancestors. I took some photos, however, I had no access to my laptop till Sunday so please bear with me 🙂 I will post the photos together with her full month celebration’s photos.

And guess what? Yesterday was also the 3rd year ROM Anniversary of my hubby and I. And I was so thrilled that my hubby suggested bringing me out to watch Twilight 2 at GOLD CLASS VIVOCITY!!! It was my first time there~!!! And it’s really nice and posh 🙂 Took some photos too 🙂 Stay Tune!!!

How was my day today? Not too bad for a start. I hope things will remain good 🙂 And my nice hubby took over when he got home. And my MIL was very helpful and volunteered many times to help me take care of baby – feeding or just keeping her company. I guess she has become the next IN ‘thing’ in the house 😛 I wonder if they will get tired of her soon…

Anyway tomorrow will be Jamie’s full month celebration and the guests will arrive between 12pm – 5pm. Looking forward to see all my friends!!! And can’t wait to dress Jamie up in her pretty dress by compliments of my two jiemeis – Xia and Wen 🙂

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