Marriage & Parenting

Jamie is 21 days today…

Something disgusting just happened…

I discovered a tissue paper in my cup of longan tea 0_____0 And I think my confinement nanny is trying to be funny…

She said it’s not done by her… I doubt my mum will do such a thing. So lets hope it’s done by some ‘invisible hands’ then…

Anyway I discovered that my confinement nanny is someone who likes to gossip… And I hate people who likes to gossip… Normally, I will just arrow down these people and exterminate them.

Why not sack her? Well, it’s the last week of confinement already. And she had always behaved well, and did her job well… Until these few days. We also don’t want to get another new confinement for just a week. Hence, we just have to watch over her closely.

Lets hope she doesn’t do anything worse than the tissue paper issue…

One word of advice, no matter how good a worker appears to be, until the last moment, you won’t know if he/she has something up the sleeves… Thus, I know I cannot have a maid. If I need to be worry everyday about my baby and grandma-in-law while I am at work, I rather get a home-based job/business…

Take a look at my serious looking Jamie… hahaha.. she is 3 weeks old now 😀


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