Marriage & Parenting

My Jamie is 20 days old today…

11 more days to end of confinement~!!!

This morning I suddenly woke up with mixed feelings…

I suddenly wonder if I can do it on my own once I am back at my MIL house. It’s actually more stressful there and since I had Jamie, I have even lesser personal space. Normally only the younger SIL will enter our bedroom to use the PC and chat with us. But then since I had Jamie, my MIL and grandma in law will enter our bedroom as they like, and especially when baby cries.

I guess old folks like to ask this same irritating question each time baby cries, ‘baby wants milk is it?’ Well, logically most baby cries when they want milk or feel uncomfortable in their wet diapers. However, baby do cry just to get attention or when they want comfort from their parents or just had a nightmare.

Imagine you have someone each time baby cries, ask you if baby wants milk. It makes me feel like they think I am ill-treating their grandchild or great grandchild. It’s not easy being a first time mummy so I really do wonder how can these old folks be so insensitive to my feelings.

And I only have so little personal space already, so why can’t they just leave me alone?

It’s not that I don’t appreciate their concerns for the baby or that they may want to play with the baby. But if the baby is awake, do they think I will keep her for myself only? It’s really ridiculous… the way they behave… or think…

I guess those daughter-in-law or mummies who stay with their MILs will understand what I am going through now…

Sometimes, all we want is some personal space… and some time with the baby to get used to their habits… and slowly we will become more steady in how we clean the baby, wash the baby and feed the baby…

Somehow I am unknowingly counting down to 2011, to the day I can move into my very own home… into my own personal space…

Anyway, take a look at cheeky Jamie~!!! She seems to know I am taking photos of her and keep making funny faces…


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