Marriage & Parenting

Counting down to end of my Confinement…

Hohoho, 1.5 weeks more to the end of my Confinement~!!!

Actually I don’t really mind not bathing… and I don’t mind eating all the very nutritious food… But I can’t wait to bring my baby doll out~!!!

Because Jamie is a November baby hence by now, most of my friends/cousins who gave birth in May, June, July and August are already bringing their babies out for shopping etc. Xmas is around the corner and so is New Year’s Day. Hence I really hope I can bring Jamie out to meet my friends to celebrate the festive season like before.

Can’t wait for CNY as well because by then Jamie will be 3 months old~!!! She will be more responsive and know more things already… So cute~!!!

Hee, but frankly sometimes as I looked at my little doll in my arms, I will be quite amazed that I am already a mother. Wow… As I watch my niece walked around the house in a very cute way, I do wish my little doll can grow up overnight too!

And it’s very sweet to watch the very amused daddy carries her little doll in his arms and feed her milk… Somehow, I can see this fatherly glow around my hubby these days…

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