Marriage & Parenting

Jamie is 17 days old…

Yeah! At last I can wash my hair today ^^
Though it was a quick wash with boiled water cooked in herbs, I felt so much better now. My hair is no more like hay or is oily~!!!

Okay~!!! Another 28 days – 17 days = 11 days more~!!!

Hmmm… think I will only be able to do my post-natal massages after my confinement, since the doctor said I need at least 2 more weeks before the wound can go without any dressing. Now I still have a water-porous plaster on my wound.

Painful or not ah? This is a commonly asked question. Hmmm… mixed feeling…

Sometimes it hurts, especially when I get up too abruptly from the bed or exert too much force onto the wound. However, there are other parts of the body that hurts more. Since the womb is contracting back to its original state, hence there are occasional labour-alike contractions…

I joked with my friend that ‘now I know how it hurts when they delivery naturally…’

Take a look at Jamie’s picture I took a while ago…

Hee… does she look cheeky? 😛

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