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Jamie is 15 days old…

Just went to see gynae in the morning. As usual, I waited for hrs… and got home at 1pm. My wound is sealed and the dressing was removed. I asked gynae whether I can do my post-natal massages now and she told me the massages are not necessary…

Ermmm… And she even told me about something horrifying… Some inexperienced massage lady split a mummy’s wound and the mummy came in bleeding profusely.


However, the SPA had assured me that all their massage ladies are well-trained and experienced with C-sec mummies… Hmmm… maybe can try once then see if painful or not then decided…Yeah, will try once maybe next week or the week after next ^^


Oh yaa, just now had a surprise home visit by my hubby’s friend who came back to Singapore for holidays…Thanks Liping for visiting me~!!!

And Thanks Isaac and Yeewen for visiting me on 21 Nov 09 too~

Hmmm… not sure if my mum will allow any more visitors after this weekend, because there will be more packing to do after my brother moved back home. So paiseh to those who told me they will like to visit me next week…

Time really flies, Jamie is 15 days old now. Take a look at some photos I took of her yesterday… looks abit different now right?


Ate 3 days of vinegar pig trotters and a new dish – pig tummy~!!!

Heehee.. heard I may have a chance to bath tomorrow… Hmmm…

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