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My Baby is 13 days old…

Errmmm… Yesterday wine chicken is not nice at all~~~

And hor, it’s actually Martel cooked with chicken 0___0

So bitter… sob sob sob…

Never liked Martel… still a Vodka person 🙂 I wonder if they can try cooking chicken with Vodka? hmmm… 😛

Anyway, my mummy spent a lot of time on the dish… So I pressed my nose and finished the whole bowl of Martel cum Chicken Essence…

Heard that I will have Vinegar Pig Trotters today~!!!

Paiseh, not able to take any photos of the food I ate so far and going to eat because my mummy very sensitive to posting anything related to her online. So sorry…

But I will try to take some photos from now on whenever I can… 😛


Hormonal Changes…

I remember I want to talk about this.

Have to warn all the mummies to be that EVERY MUMMY WILL SUFFER FROM HORMONAL CHANGES… it’s just a matter of how bad is the effect…

I was one of the ‘victims’… Was really not in the right mind during the first 1 week. I am glad I am back at home with my mum or else it could have lasted for 2 weeks or more. However, I believe even with lots more attention from your hubby, the mummies can recover faster too.

Anyway, nothing horrifying happened during my minor depression period… so please don’t let your imagination run wild. Hahaha.. I simply, called my mum and cried like crazy. Or I will just sit on my bed and just cried for no reason. I guess there are many reasons that will lead to this depressed state. Other than blaming it on hormonal changes alone, we too have to prepare ourselves to handle the uncomprehending moodiness…

Few things we must take it easy before we deliver, so that we won’t add on to the moodiness…

1. Amount of breast milk
I guess every mummy feels that being able to b-feed her baby is a NORMAL thing to do. And if she isn’t able to do it, or have enough b-milk for her baby, she isn’t NORMAL. I had that same mentality too. I was crying partly because I couldn’t comprehend how come I don’t have enough b-milk for my baby while many of my friends are like cows…

However, I realized later that for a start, every mummy has little or no milk. The milk supply will only kick in 10-14 days after baby is born. Every mummy is different, we shouldn’t compared ourselves with our friends.

Two things to note when b-feeding is. The more stress you are, the less milk supply you have or the slower the milk supply will kick in. It is only with great patience and in a relaxed mode, then you can produce what you desire for your baby.

Secondly, now with more advanced technology, nothing is impossible. You can simply get medicine from your gynae to help in the kicking in and increasing of milk supply. I consulted in my gynae and she gave me some medication, and now the milk supply is slowly kicking in. So, mummies out there, don’t worry k?! Relax! And enjoy the process. If really no choice, nowadays the f-milk is full of DHA and other nutrients essentially for your babies as well.

2. Post-delivery Finances
Before delivery, mummy may be worried about the pre-delivery finances and how expensive the hospital bills will be (like for my case). And after delivery, you may wonder whether you have enough every month to buy diapers and milk powder for baby.

Earlier on, I wonder if I am a stingy mummy to get so many hand-down clothes for Jamie and didn’t buy many new clothes for her. However, I know firstly it’s not necessary to buy too many new clothes since babies will grow up very fast. Secondly, I have to plan the finances properly so that we have enough for another few more months before I get a job.

Well, I guess there are some things we can’t do much about. And since we have delivered our babies and that we have a greater responsibility for now, we should merely focus on this new responsibility. Anything else, we should let the man of the house do the job in ‘hunting for the bread and butter’…

And I believe with careful planning, my hubby and I should be able to go through it together and provide the best we can (not we want) for our baby… Same for the other mummies k? What’s important is the family can enjoy each other company together.

3. Taking up the new challenge as a first time mummy.
I believe every mummy has certain expectations of themselves and most of us will want to be a super mummy. When we are unable to meet our own expectations, we will be sad and feel lousy.

Well, no one is born to know everything. I felt really lousy at the start too. And that was another reason why I cried so hard.

– How come I don’t even know how to make f-milk?
– How come I don’t know how to use the steriliser?
– How come my baby doesn’t sleep at night at the start?
etc etc etc

However, as the days passed, I am able to use the sterilizer, make f-milk and understand that babies are unable to differentiate day and night and hence they don’t have regular sleeping hours at the start.

And now I am looking at how the Confinement Lady Bath my baby… I hope I will have some hands-on experience during the last week of my confinement 🙂

Thus, we must always believe that practices make perfect. So never give up before we even try k?

4. The ‘mean’ remarks from the old folks

I used to be very offended by some old folks who like to make remarks like:

– How come you no b-milk? Must be never eat enough this and that…
– How come baby keep crying? You never feed the baby is it?
– How come baby doesn’t want to sleep? What did you do to the baby?
etc etc etc

Maybe during normal period, we will feel ‘just offended’ but yet tolerable. However, during our hormonal change period, all these remarks have x100 of the usual effects. And our brains will decode it has something very belittling and reprimanding…

Hence, we are unable to cool down and decode the questions to be just the old folks showing concern to the baby or even the mummy…

Frankly, I was very upset when my mil and grandma in law said those remarks to me during the first few days. To me, I was feeling miserable enough and yet they added on to make me feel even more miserable. I felt unloved and un-understand. And since my hubby was not at home in the daytime due to work and study commitments, I felt worse.

However, when I returned to my mummy’s house and past the moody period, I started to feel that maybe my mil and grandma in law were just as helpless as me. And that they are not capable of correctly expressed their affections and concerns for me. However, from the many good ingredients they invested in my confinement dishes, I can feel their concern and love for me in their own ways.

Thus, as mummies, we just have to always be positive about whatever remarks said to us and whatever things that happened to us. I believe with a positive mindset, we can win the battle with the hormonal changes…

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