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My Baby is 12 day old now…

Yeah! My baby is 12 day old now~!!!
Time flies… see her photo I took 2 days ago~~~ see how sweet is her smile 😀

Finally, beside fish and pork, I see a new meat on my dishes… CHICKEN~!!! And I can eat eggs now too ^^ My mummy said due to the operation, I can only have chicken dishes from 12th day onwards… Heehee…

Had started sending out invites and liaising for Jamie’s first month celebration.

Too early?

Nah… time flies… very soon my confinement will be over and she will be one month old~!!! I had been sleepy yesterday so since I am a bit more awake today, I better do some ‘work’… Exercise my brain a bit and hopefully it helps to burn some calories 😛

I guess most of you are wondering what I am eating at home…and what kind of routine I am going through during my confinement… Let me share with you all…

Daily Timetable for my Confinement

By 8.30am: Wakes up and Wash up
9.00am: Breakfast
9.30am-12.00nn: Rest and B-feed
12.30pm: Lunch
1.00pm: Wipe body with Chinese Herbs
1.30-3.00pm: Rest and B-feed
3.00pm: Tea break
3.30pm-6.30pm: Rest and B-Feed
6.30pm: Dinner
7.00pm-8.00pm: TV time
8.00pm-11.00pm: OTOT (normally I go online)
11.00pm: Supper
11.30pm-12.00mn: B-Feed
12.00mn-8.30am: Sleep and Wake for F-milk

Menu for Confinement (so far)

Breakfast: Oatmeal in Milo + Bread
Lunch: Rice with Steamfish + Vegetables/Pork + Tonic Soup
Teabreak: Oatmeal in Milo + Bread
Dinner: Rice with Steamfish + Vegetables/Pork + Tonic Soup
Supper: Oatmeal in Milo + Bread

So healthy hor 😛 hahaha…

I heard tonight I will be having Wine Chicken 😛 hehehe… And I had black chicken tonic soup for lunch also ^^

Hmmm.. I remember I said I wish to share about Hormonal Changes… Let me share in the next entry k?

And I owe you my Delivery Diary too… Stay tune ^^

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