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My Baby is 9 Days old (7th day of my Confinement) – It will never be the same without my family’s help

Hihi All,
I realized when our mothers tell us ‘when you have your own child, you will appreciate your own mummy more’… It’s true… It’s really true…

Not only your own mummy but all your own family members.

I was not in good terms with my mummy since young and had not been very close to my older brother too. I guess I was always thinking that my mummy doesn’t know what I need, nor my older brother is proud of me. And I always thought I had a ‘bad childhood’…

I guess I was silly and had made myself feel miserable for many years. And every time I ventured on something new, be it my career or business, I will very much wish my family members can be proud of me and tell me I have done a great job. Even during school days when I had performance, I always invite my family to support me. And during my birthday every year, I insisted everyone must be home to celebrate for me. I thought that was what we call parental and kinship LOVE…

I spent a lot of effort on my wedding planning in wish to do it well so that my mummy has ‘more face’. You cannot imagine how happy I was when my mummy told me on my wedding night that she is really proud of me because it was a good job done…

However, I realized I was just being stupid and had relied on something ‘shallow’ to feel good about myself and the wrong notion that only verbal praises from my family’s mouths = they are really proud of me.

I guess even if they don’t praise me too much, it doesn’t mean they are not proud of me, or that I had not done a good job. What’s really important, is that they are there for me when I need them.

My family members had stood by me since I was pregnant. My mummy always cooked good food for me when I visited her. My tired daddy and/or brother, who had to wake up early every morning to work, would insist of sending me home if my hubby wasn’t free to fetch me, after each visit to my family. My brother, re-scheduled his appointments just to ensure he could fetch me from KKH when I was warded the other time (when my hubby was unable to fetch me due to work commitments).

And through the confinement episode, I appreciate them even more. It will never be the same without them. As a mother now, I realized I was very much loved by my family members… in silence, unconditionally…

I guess, many more mummies are like me, have now appreciate your own mummies more too…

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