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Announcing the Arrival of Jamie 骆可萱

Hihi All 🙂
Finally hear from me hor?

So paiseh, I was in the midst of making some arrangements…

Will let you all know more in the next blog entry.

Sorry for the belated entries and updates. I am currently still recovering from my wound and side effects from the C-Sec (GA), hence I will need some time to blog everything down.

However, I will not wish to deprive any of my readers and friends!

Hence, Ta-Da hereby I will like to post a picture of my Little Girl, Jamie 骆可萱 !!! I am still waiting to find the chance to take more photos of her, especially with her eyes OPEN… She has really beautiful BIG eyes… like her mummy 😛 Hahaha…

Sorry ahh, I am so in Love with my Jamie that you will find me praising her alot… Bear with me please…

Announcing the Arrival of Jamie…

She is born on 11 Nov 2009, with the weight of 2.71kg and 44cm ^^


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