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A Big Thank You to All My Friends who Visited me~!!!

So Sorry to all…

I will really need to slowly blog each entry… please bear with me ^^

Hee… show u the latest picture that I take of my girl ^^ with her eyes open~!!! hahaha… Coz so many people complain cannot see her BIG eyes… I had been trying hard wor… not easy leh.. coz she is always sleeping…

Ehh.. this is when she HALF OPEN her eyes… I try to see if I can catch her with her eyes WIDE OPEN… hahaha…

In this entry, I will like to list down all the friends who had visited me so far… and that I really appreciate their efforts to come down and visit me at the hospital and my home! And Thanks for the gifts and flowers!!! I love them all 😀

Hee, I even have a Visitor Time Schedule…

Here goes!!! Thanks all those who visited me once again…

Day 1 (Wed) – 11 Nov 09

5pm: My family
6pm: Annie Pang
6.30pm: My inlaw family
7pm: Jason and Sibel
9pm: Yeewen

Day 2 (Thu) – 12 Nov 09

11am: Joseph Lee and Josephine
12pm: Vincent and Wife
12.30pm: Yit Siang, June, Siew Teen and Connie
2pm: Qiuling
3.30pm: Bixia
5.30pm: Charleen and Alan
6.30pm: My inlaw family
7pm: Chuichan
7.30pm: Kherray and Owen
8pm: Danny and Baoli
8.30pm: Annie Lim and Family

Day 3 (Fri)- 13 Nov 09
12pm: Wangz
2pm: Ivy
3.30pm: Mr Lee
4.30pm: My family
7pm: My MIL
7.30pm: Meimei, Winston and Karin
8pm: Gabian, Peijie and Suzhen
8.30pm: Peijuan, Joey and Joey’s hubby
9pm: Jiancai, Annie Pang, Jianyuan and Brenda

Day 4 (Sat) – 14 Nov 09 cum Day 1 of Confinement
11am: Gen
7pm: Xiuping, her bf, Vendela and Bohai

Day 2 of confinement (Sun) – 15 Nov 09

4pm: Edmund, Weineng and Shuting

Really Thanks everyone so much!!!

More to Thanks~~~

Huiling, Xiuzhen and Meilan
YCK Secondary School
And all friends who has shared my joy on Facebook ^^

Thanks and Many Thanks from my hubby and me 🙂


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