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Counting Down… ANYTIME…

I think the wait is going to be over very soon!!!
After the scare last night, plus the continuous tighening of my uterus… I know, the wait is definitely going to be over very soon. However, it’s whether we are to wait and let it happen and ended up paying more for the emergency C-Sec (since we aren’t hopeful about Jamie turning around on her own)… Or we should take action and decide on a planned C-sec… Which means, schedule a date for the C-Sec ourselves…

But of coz, if we are suay, then there is still a possibility of us going into emergency C-Sec before the scheduled C-Sec date…

Well, so no matter what we choose, I think there is no 绝对 too.

Actually, I am a bit worried we didn’t buy enough disposable diapers and the standby formula milk powder. As much as I wish to be a cow, sometimes we may not be granted our wish also mah. Just like, I wish very much to deliver naturally, so I can proudly say I feel like a mother… Since being able to deliver naturally should be something very ‘natural’…

Okok, I won’t talk about it liao. Coz some of my friends are trying to ask me to 看开一点, especially those who ended up C-Sec also. I guess everyone wish to delivery naturally, but sometimes it’s just fate… So we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves too 🙂

Anyway, I was talking about the disposable diapers and formula milk powder. Heehee…I think I am the only mummy who bought so many brands of disposable diapers to try. But I did not meant to be so kiasu… But it’s so hard to find Newborn and S Size diapers from the supermarket now~!!! Hence, whatever brands I see, I grab. Think there are really many baby cows this year 😦 Okay lah… It’s a good thing too 🙂

At first I did not buy S Size diapers, until my cousin reminded me. Since Jamie should be above 3kg when she is born, hence it will be good to standby S Size diapers for Jamie too for the first month. Or at least, I have a sample packet for my hubby to refer to if I need him to help me restock the diapers. Hee, and I had been doing a lot of research from various supermarkets. Generally the prices of Diapers and Milk Powder is almost the same, unless there are some special discounts going on or if the expiry date for milk powder is nearing.

My newborn Disposable Diapers. Thanks to Annie for the Huggies – 24pc. I bought the Mamy Poko 52pc newborn diapers for $17 at NTUC… So expensive…

I bought another packet of S Size Petpet Diapers 46pc for $8+ though. So Cheap… And my cousin strongly recommended it~!!! Mummies out there, you can buy a packet to try too since it’s so cheap. Another brand which I want to find the S Size Diapers to try too is Fitti. Lets see if I can find any of it these few days. And if you are sending your baby to infant care or childcare centre, you can use the NTUC brand also. Heard it’s very cheap also 🙂 My niece (13mth old) uses it at home and Mamy Poko when she goes out.

So far, the most expensive brands I had seen is Pampers Active Baby. But I think Pampers Comfort is cheaper, close to the price of Fitti and Petpet.

But for milk powder, I am less adventurous. My cousin recommended Mamex (Mamil) which is cheaper. But I decided to try Similac and Enfaclac instead. And they are not cheap lor. $42 for 900g (per tin)… OMG… And I heard from my cousin that her baby boy can finish one 1.5kg tin of Mamex Milk Powder in 3 weeks. In average, a baby drinks 500g of milk powder per week 0____0… What’s more, she is still breastfeeding him at the same time!!! Just imagine how much milk he drinks if he relies solely on Milk Powder~!!!

I bought a 900g tin of Enfaclac for $42 and another 400g tin of Similac for $19.90 from Watson. But I really hope I have enough breastmilk to feed my girl so I can save on formula milk…


Heehee… For those who are still wondering what to give me for my baby first month… Heehee… Some of the items you can buy me…

1. NTUC Vouchers
2. Carrefore Vouchers
3. Cold Storage Vouchers

Ehhh, please don’t give me Taka Vouchers or Robinson Vouchers because I doubt I will be buying baby items from there. They will just end up with another baby 😛 hahaha… Sorry… Because I will most probably need to buy mainly milk powder and diapers only…

If you want to help me save trouble. You can buy me:

1. Milk Powder – Similac or Enfaclac
2. Disposable Diapers S Size (for baby 3kg-8kg) – Fitti, Petpet, NTUC, Pampers Comfort or Mamy Poko.

Best not to buy me newborn clothes because:
1. I have a lot of hand-downs newborn baby clothes already
2. Most likely baby will overgrown very fast

If you still prefer to buy Jamie Clothes, you can buy clothes for 3mth-6mth or even bigger clothes 🙂 So that she can wear it for Chinese New Year and later. 🙂

But of coz, if you are worried you get the wrong size clothes or the wrong brands of milk powder, diapers or even the vouchers, you can simply give us an angbao which will be used for buying essential items for Jamie and/or contribution to her future education etc.

Paiseh to all my friends who find me very frank. I guess, everyone will wish to buy us or/and Jamie something we need. Hence, I guess it will be good to list out what we really need. So that, all your good thoughts can be rightfully appreciated ^^.

2 thoughts on “Counting Down… ANYTIME…

  1. Hi Jolene,

    Just for sharing, my advice is please dont stock up different brand of milk powder cos you still dont know if baby stomach can take it, some of the milk powder might too heaty for your baby..

    What i suggest is, buy a small tin to let her try out first, if she dont have any problem with it, no constipation, no stomachache (Got lot of wind inside),poo oki.. then you can start to stock up more.

    As for diaper, for New born and S size really dont need to stock up so many packs because baby grow very fast from 1 to 3 months..

    buy 1 or 2 packs to standby will do, some chubby baby 3 months might need to wear M size already, anyway, if the supermarket near to your place, you can alwasy ask hubby or confinement lady to buy when the diaper running up soon, really no point to buy extra cos might ended up waste $$ if baby very fast outgrow it..

    For new born diaper, i found pamper premium and mamy poko is good.

    ohya, try not to use wet wipes on baby when clean her buttock. if will cause a terrible rashes and you will feel heartache to see that..

    if possible, wash her bottock under tap water or warm water if she poo.


  2. alamak, now then i read this post of urs on the gifts!
    btw, using wet wipes so far is ok for my baby. ya, pls dun stock up so many newborn 1 mth, she may not need it anymore. regards, annie


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