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Pre-Delivery Dinner with Good Friends (2)

Ran around a lot today. And had a BIG scare…

Went to pass Wenwen some things in Boon Keng, then went Bugis together with her to Bai Bai… to pray for smooth delivery and Jamie’s turning over (if possible).

We had lunch at Siam Kitchen then met Xiaxia at Far East Nailbar for our pedicure ^^

Take a look at my yummy lunch… Siam Kitchen having Set Lunch offer at $11.90 and includes an appetizer + a main course + a drink. Simply top up $1.90 for authentic thai dessert… Hee… actually I personally quite like Siam Kitchen ^^

The Green Curry is really shiok~!!! Both me and Wenwen had that for main. I had thai fishcake (spicy) for my appetizer while Wenwen had the spring roll for her appetizer. And we both had their homemade Ice Lemon Tea… Nice…

Hee, then we went to meet Xiaxia at the Nailbar for our pedicure. Had been visiting the Nailbar since my wedding. Can’t help but do some ‘advertising’ for them coz the young female boss really did a great job for my wedding manicure and pedicure. It was quite a lastmin request somemore becoz my own manicure shop suddenly just moved and I was quite lost back then, on the eve of my wedding!!!

Thank goodness the Nailbar saved me! I heard they have another branch at Orchard Plaza now but then I still prefer the first shop I went to. It’s very conducive, at a quiet corner in Far East. Nice massage chair, helpful and friendly manicurists. And the boss is very nice also! I remember she treated me packet lunch or dinner once even~!!!

Take a look at the great artwork by the lady boss (heard she is only 23yrs old)…for my wedding manicure…

Today I did a pedicure + goat milk treatment for hydration, removed my thick dead skin at the ball of the feet… + nail mask 😛 hahaha… Sound cool right? And Xiaxia did her feet facial + red wine mask 😀 And Wenwen did her Caviar Spa~!!! Sounds even COOLER~!!! Pity couldn’t take pictures of all those 😛 heehee…

See my nail colour…

After our tai-tai pedicure treatments, we went for our yummy steamboat dinner! But hor, the wait for the food is a bit sickening… We went to Crystal Jade in hoping to try the steamboat there. But then the queue was too long. We then took a cab to Liang Seah street to queue for Xian De Lai. But hor, the queue was like so long until I became hungry and grouchy 😛 But the service staff was quite nice. They gave me a chair so I can rest while we were in the queue…

When we finally got our seats, we really FEASTED!!!

And the Scare came. Wenwen had to leave early to meet a friend who was staying over her house. So me and Xiaxia decided to take a walk around Bugis after the dinner. However, I suddenly had a serious tummyache and contractions alike kinda of pain…

The pain came in intervals and I decided I had to go home in case it’s time… So I asked Xiaxia to drag me to the taxi stand and she sent me home. In the cab, I was in pain at intervals too. It was so scary… My hubby was at the void deck to receive me when I got there. And the pain came again when I got home.

BUT… the relief came when I ran to LS… And the pain subsided after that. I guess it was the tummyache that kick start the contractions… And luckily nothing else happened.

I am fine now… And I hope Jamie can stay put for a while more…

Hmmm… Maybe I should get her bed ready soon… And the wall stickers ^^


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