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Lunch Meeting + MJ Movie Review…


So bloated…I felt bloated since lunch leh… Didn’t even have DINNER!!!

Can’t believe it… I wonder what’s wrong… And I didn’t eat very much leh…

I only ate the following:
– 3/4 murtabak (very meaty one though)
– 1/2 butter nan
– 1/2 drumstick of tandori chicken
– 2 hot teh

Alot meh? Ermmm… compared to all the buffets I had so far… it’s very little wor… Somemore, I walked for 2hrs after lunch… and another hr after the MJ movie I watched with my hubby and younger SIL.

Hmmmm… But it’s a very yummy LUNCH~!!! Didn’t dare to take pictures… Think people will think I am crazy if I always take pictures of whatever I eat… But I think will be nice if I have more pictures in the blog 😦

Anyway… the place I had my lunch was at Jalan Kayu Prata Shop at Plaza Singapura area. It’s beside the TCC, opposite the HSBC building (I think that’s the HSBC building). It has the indoor and ‘outdoor’ portion. The ‘outdoor’ portion is quieter and sat by the office workers. While, the indoor portion is nosier, like the typical prata shop with people like us who tend to sit longer.

The JC friend I had lunch with today worked around the area and is a regular there. Can see that the ‘managers’ do make the effort to remember the regulars. But I noticed, the service quality is generally good towards all customers.

I like the wide varieties of food in the menu… North Indian food, South Indian food… typical prata shop food… yummy… too many for me to choose~!!!

Heehee… I will definitely go there again to eat~!!!

Ohhh.. after lunch, I was deciding to watch the MJ movie or the Astro Boy movie… my hubby said his colleague said that the Astro Boy movie is not good, but the MJ movie is very good, so we decided to go for the MJ Movie…

If you like MJ’s singing and dancing… You will believe too that if the concert was a reality, it will definitely be a good one. And even if you don’t know MJ, you will be amused by his dancing 🙂 And of coz, his TALENTS… Like those who worked with him in the concert said, he knew his songs very well, every dance step, every tempo of the songs… He knew what he wanted… What the audience wanted…

Somehow, as I watched his movie, I wondered what my life will be if I had stepped out and chose another route. Another life path… Will I shine too? But will I too Shine and then Fall like him? I then looked at my hubby sitting next to me. I guess, I already know the answer…

I believe MJ may have wished he was like any of us too, to spend the remaining of his life with his loved ones, no matter how bright he had shone. And thinking back about the movie ‘UP’ I watched earlier on. I guess, sometimes the greatest adventure or achievement in life, is to spend your life with the one you loved the most…

And everyone of us, should be contented with what we already have… And stop thinking about ‘WHAT IF’…


One thought on “Lunch Meeting + MJ Movie Review…

  1. I've seen both. Astro Boy is better. It'll make you cry though. It's as fun and emotional as “Up”. In short it rocks.


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