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Happy Belated 1st Year Anniversary~!!!


Guess what?! Yesterday, I wanted very much to go out for a spin and have a simple dinner outside. I guess, once a while, you will get sick of home cooked food too. Especially when the menu is always the same, if not very similar…

So I smsed my hubby hopefully to see if he can make time for it. This is his busiest period – with the new appointments at work, upcoming datelines for his masters FYP and various thesis, not forgetting his exams too…etc

And Surprised~!!!

He not only make time for the dinner, but also make the effort to bring me to this nice place for dinner~!!! I was craving for good fish and chips for a while and was disappointed with the one we had in Swenson last Friday. I didn’t realized that my hubby had kept it in mind when suggested going to this place he went once with the angmoh boss from his part-time yard job.

It’s a very interesting place~ I did some research on this place and ta-da…

An unassuming little biker bar off Alexander Road, Handle Bar resembles one of those highway stops you often see in American road-trip movies. Given its ramshackle surroundings made out of used motorcycle parts, it’s not surprising that beer – dispensed from contraptions that look like recycled engines – is its clientele’s booze of choice ($24 for a jug of Heineken). And what goes better with beer than spicy chicken wings ($10 for six pieces)? And oh, while you are loading up, get your precious ride a good wash and polish for $30.

Address – 1 Lock Road.
Opening Hours – Tue-Thu 5pm- 1am; Fri 5pm-2am; Sat 3pm-2am; Sun 3pm-1am.

It’s a pity we were forbidden to take photos. But hor… hehehe… we still managed to take some photos 😛

Can see the inner decoration of the Handle Bar?!

Heehee… Hungry us waiting for our food…

My hubby told me they served HUGE fish and chips and they did~!!! It’s as if they served us the whole fish!!! I can’t finish my food~!!! Anyway it’s beer battered fish with chips~ And is only $16.

Yummy!!! After that, we went Vivo to walk walk~ Heehee… think we two very uncle and aunty these days! We actually went and shopped for a house phone and nothing else 😛 Maybe that’s what married couple does these days? Hahaha…

Joking lah… Even married liao also must have privacy and 两人世界 k?!!

See, how my hubby spent the effort to celebrate our post-anniversary~~~ Really appreciate what he had done for me. I didn’t expect him to bring me to a special place for dinner. I just wanted to spend some time with him. 🙂 I guess when you don’t ask for something, you will somehow get it anyway?

*feeling sweet*

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