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To Walk or Not To Walk…

Went out again on Thursday…

Managed to pack all the parcels on Wednesday night. Then dragged them to TPY Singpost to send out. Biz considered not bad for this two months, but I doubt it will solve the financial problem still. Nevertheless, it at least kept me busy and not senile 😛

Anyway, after sending the items out, I went to walk walk around TPY, had my Long-Craved Kway Chap lunch and did some shopping at Watsons.

But in 2 hours time, I felt very giddy… and weak.

I had initially wanted to take MRT to Khatib and walked to my cousin’s house. But I doubt then. And decided to take a cab to her house instead.


So how? To Walk or Not to Walk? It seem that I can’t walk very much also. I checked with my gynae before and she said it’s becoz of my low blood pressure. But yet I still need to walk often, because it helps in delivery. And I really really hope my baby will head down soon 😦


Been checking out the maternity package for TMC – natural delivery vs c-sec. As much as I don’t wish to go for c-sec, I realised sometimes it is not within our control to choose what type of delivery we want. Sighh..Maybe I should just let it be.

Had a good day with my cousin, Kherray and her boy Kayden… He is sooo cute lor! I like the way he looked at me as I talked to Kherray. So sweet… It makes me look forward to my Jamie’ arrival once again…

Anyway, I had decided on Jamie’s Chinese Name 😛 hehehe…

Stay Tune ^^ After I get my Inlaws’ approval then can announce it 🙂

5 weeks more… Hohoho…


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