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2nd Last Bit of Shopping to Do~~~

Today’s visiting from my mother was quite irritating. She came at a most ‘weird’ hours which caused us not being able to do much of anything in the day. But I was glad some more clearing could be done in the house, especially the living rooom.

But I had to be thankful for the items brought over by her, which are gifts from my da sao. I finally getting ALMOST ready… Now the bottle steam sterilizer is with me, with some bottles for drinking milk/water. More bra pads, 1 DOM and 1 Martel for my Confinement Food, 1 set of new baby clothes, face towels and baby socks~!!! I think I will get some more baby wipes too 🙂

Rachel will be passing me the Breast Pump tomorrow. Hurray!!! Oh yaa, did I mention, I ordered Medela PISA from USA and it costs only S$380 including shipment~~~ Compared to the S$799 in the retail shops in Singapore… And I will get a handsfree for the pump which will make it possible for me to pump and use my laptop at the same time. Hee, but it will mean I must find a way to use the Lappy in the bedroom so I can pump and chat 😛 hahaha…

I did my 2nd Last Bit of Shopping just now as well. Bought the standby milk powder, disposable diapers, Ru Yi You, Johnson Baby Shampoo and Baby Shower Gel, Safety Pins, Cotton Balls etc…

There is not much left to buy I think. Will need to take a look at my shopping list and see what else I need ^^ So Happy~!!! Will pack up the room abit more and then put the items to be used in the respective places…Yeahhh 🙂

Feel really good to have done so much~!!! And then I feel that I am less worried everyday about not being very ready… It’s like I won’t even mind if Baby comes in 2 weeks time ^^ But then after being so ready for the Baby, Maybe I can do some other things like packing my wardrobe ^^ And throwing or putting away clothes I don’t wear anymore or seldom wear…

Closer to the date, I think I will start sterilizing all my bottles…

Hee… Okok, I am all very excited ^^ Update you all more tomorrow ^^

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