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Jamie’s Little Prank…

I think my waterbag didn’t burst lah. 2 days liao and Nothing Happened so far…I guess it’s just my Jamie’s little prank on her daddy and mummy.

But at least it works in a way. We are almost ready liao. Her baby cot already standing in the living room. Her bedsheets and pillow case washed. I had packed my hospital bag. Left some items to add in only.

And most likely, we will be shifting the table and the cupboards and the bed. And build her tiny cosy corner for her by this weekend. Aiyoh… but at the same time, I also chatted with her lah and asked her to guai guai turn around lor. Haizz..

Quite worried I may end up doing C-sec… coz I very much wish to do the natural delivery since I may only have one child. At least currently, that is what we had decided. If we ever have another child, should be 4 years later, after we settled down with our new house and stabilizing our finances…

Well, but maybe I should be mentally prepared for the worst. I may have to undergo C-Sec plus having a pre-mature baby… Haizzz… Maybe sometimes it’s good to lower our expectations to avoid disappointment.

Anyway, sometimes such things aren’t within our control. We can only pray and wish for the best lor.

Frankly hor, sometimes I feel very sad because I felt deprived. It was a wrong decision to quit MCYS but then like my hubby said, sometimes we never know. Having a baby was decided before deciding to quit MCYS job for the property venture. “IF we would have known that the success rate of having a baby is so high…” (hahaha…) He wouldn’t have let me quit MCYS. And vice versa, we could have put a stop in time for the baby planning if I had wanted to go into property. But well, the baby making success rate was so HIGH that we could not put a stop in time to the baby planning after I decided to venture into property, nor can change my mind to renew my MCYS contract. Sighhh…

I guess it must be a punishment for me. I did not earn much from property because of all the pregnancy issues and worse… I felt very abused by the baby. I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy at all. Many mummies had envied me for being able to bedrest at home when I am not well. Frankly, I rather not be bedresting… It’s a 手停,口停 theory…

Even though, my hubby’s income can sustain our livelihood. But then, it’s always more enjoyable when you have money to spare. We are practically counting every coin we can spare for the baby and the after-baby period…

Sighh, so sad right? It’s always good to really enjoy the pregnancy and welcome the baby happily… I hope I can do so, towards the end…

Really hope we can make ends meet. My hubby said we definitely can make it~ It’s just the level of expectations lor… And also we should just believe we are experiencing 先苦后甜 now since instead of focusing on career and personal pleasure, we are already building a home, married and have a baby – the 3 money-killing period…

So hopefully when others are ‘suffering’ our current fate, we had already recuperate our wealth and leading a carefree life 😛

He is very positive right? But I believe in what he says… Coz he is always right 🙂 He could have made a different decision earlier on, even though he knew the consequences. But then, I guess he loves me too much to stop me from doing what I want. After all, it’s always good to learn my own lessons in my own way. Really thankful to have him around. Coz he always make sure I never have to worry too much about anything… I guess it’s what all women wish from a man… To feel safe and protected in his arms ^^ Hehehe…


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