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Relaxing Day with My ‘Sisters’…

Since Wenwen is having her compliance leave from today onwards, we decided to pay Xiaxia a visit at her workplace and have lunch with her. But hor, that naughty girl~ Don’t know how to take care of herself and always make us worry for her…

Xiaxia is down with food poisoning since the day we had BBQ and I was so worried she ended up like me. So I told her to see the doctor asap. But then, she said she had to rush some audit work for her boss so ended up drag till yesterday then 甘愿 see doctor. What worse, doc gave her MC for today and she still went to work~!!! I mean if the doc gave MC, means it is quite serious right? Sighh… That girl hor… *shakes head* 说不过她~ So we, the two 姐姐 decided to pay her a visit and had lunch with her.

That girl hor, very smart… She chose my favourite Ramen restaurant 别府, so that I would be too busy eating and not much time to nag at her. We had a good lunch, chatted a lot and of coz I had my favourite Fried Chicken Ramen with ‘two-chilli’. This restaurant is famous for the nine levels of chilli challenge and so far, the furthest I tried was forth chilli few years back. But these days, I am happy with just two chilli. Hahaha…

After lunch, Wenwen and I went to Bugis Junction BHG to do a QUICK shopping~ Yaa.. It was a very QUICK shopping. We were focus and made quick decisions on which new clothes to get for Jamie’s going home (from hospital) clothes and her first month celebration clothes. Woo.. they are so cute~~~ And there was a good discount at BHG ^^

I must say hor, till now I feel that Bugis Junction BHG children’s section is the best for mummies to have a relaxing and yet fulfilling shopping. Not only it is BIG but there are a good varieties of items as well. I visited a few other department stores and had yet to find such comprehensive collections of items.

Let me know if there are better places to shop for baby items k? I haven’t tried Tangs and Taka though. Wonder if they have a comprehensive collection too.

Anyway, after the quick (maybe 30min) shopping, we bought some teabreak snacks – beard papa and chewy junior and headed back to Wenwen’s house. We had milo and our snacks. And then it’s nap time~!!! Yeahhh, we woke up at 6.30pm to look for dinner.

Wow… very simple day together but yet I had so much fun~~~

Yeah, I agree, it’s really who you are spending your day with and not what you are doing that matter most… It was a relaxing day with my 姐妹 and it 胜过 whatever fanciful activities we can do together lor…

So envious that Wenwen is going to BKK and TW~!!! Hope I can plan some trip with my 姐妹 next year… maybe June onwards, when Jamie is older…

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