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OMG… Did my waterbag just burst?!!

My hubby was telling me that he had allocated time to build Jamie’s Cot today and went to the living room happily to look at how the bed can be assembled. And I managed to send the bedsheet and pillow cases, jamie’s new clothes and my pjyamas to wash also.

Then I told Jamie, ‘See…daddy is building your bed now, you got to faster turn and be ready k?’ Next thing I know is Jamie sent me a super kick~~~ And that’s not all…

I suddenly felt a gush of water… It really freaked me out. I ran to the toilet to check and realised there was a urine-like warm liquid on the panty liner… But it wasn’t very much. But I felt very disturbed.

I checked with a friend and she told me the waterbag water is like urine (liquid)… But the last I heard from another friend is like sperm (sticky)… I am so confused now…


Okok, I am going to calm down. But I will definitely get everything ready tomorrow. Clear my things, packed the hospital bag… So that the baby bed can come in. Arghh.. and How to tell my MIL to faster wash the bedsheet and pillow case??? Oh No… I shouldn’t have done all these so last minute…

Lets pray I am only imagining things. Will check again tomorrow…and update you all k?


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