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34th Week Gynae Checkup

This morning gynae called me and said I can go for my checkup today because the clinic will be very packed on Friday (Saturday is a public holiday).

So I went. Sob… I waited for close to 3hrs… but well, at least I don’t have to go on Friday…

Guess what?! I put on 1.8kg in the last 2 weeks~!!! OMG~!!! I wonder what happened to me~~~ What did I eat? I don’t remember eating too much leh… Unless it was the 3 mcdonalds suppers + the mooncakes + the 2 days of feasting :X Oops… But still, can’t be possible 😦 Sob…

Anyway, Jamie is now 2.23kg~!!! She gained a good 400g too ^^ Woo… We had good food since I got out from the hospital 😛 hahaha… I hope it’s not because she is getting a bit too big which results in her stuck in her current position.

Doc said she is still very comfy in her beech position, which means heads up with her legs sticking into my uterus… which is bad… If her legs are going to get stuck in my uterus, it will mean it will be almost impossible to flip her over.

Sighh.. The gynae had a battle with stubborn Jamie for a while just now and attempted to turn Jamie around. However, Jamie fought back fiercely and eventually the gynae only managed to turn her a bit 😦 She is still in her beech position… Sighhh…

Think I need to chat with Jamie more everyday liao… If she is those stubborn kid (like me and my hubby) who 吃软不吃硬, then I need to chat with her more to get her to move on her own liao. Aiyohhh… My cheeky little daughter… headache ah…

What a pity, we went IKEA for dinner just now and I forgot to bring my camera along so no photo taking today 😦 We bought the baby cot for $79 (60cm x 120cm) and a spring mattress of the same size at $69. We got her bedsheets also. Well, think we can set everything up for her soon and let her know that as well. I guess she may be aware daddy and mummy are not ready yet so she is taking her own sweet time to get ready as well. Babies nowadays are so smart, so we never know really ^^

Yea, hope very soon I can take a picture of my baby’s corner ^^

2 thoughts on “34th Week Gynae Checkup

  1. Yup, must talk to her more now …

    Hopefully she can turn to the right position soonest.

    If the baby getting bigger, worry not much space for baby to move and turn le…so pls talk to her more ya..

    Gan cheong for you…

    my advise, try go w/o epidural lor..

    For my case, both delivery w/o epidural. But counted me lucky cos I had speedy delivery tat time..

    But if you has low pain threshold, then better dont take the risk…

    By the time when u wanna opt for epidural, maybe too late liao. Better decide early ..


  2. Hihi AB Mama,

    Thanks for the advice!!!

    Yaaa… I wish to opt for no epidural if can… See how long I can tahan… ^^ I think will be nice to be able to 'enjoy' the process of labour.

    But first got to coax my girl to turn over soon… chatting with her everyday now…

    Hope she listens wor..


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