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Phase One of Shifting and Arranging the Furniture

Finally, we had started our Phase One of Shifting and Arranging of the Furniture in our bedroom…

Actually was ‘supposed’ to be out of the house when my hubby do the shifting, but then he wasn’t so particular about the traditions and just told me to ‘stay out of his way’ can already. Hahaha… so he won’t accidentally hit me or caused me to trip.

It was quite a blood vomiting to see him pack stuffs… I must say, he did sacrifice a lot and threw away a lot of his ‘precious’… IT hardwares… But then he actually did not clean away the dust before putting the ‘arranged’ items back to where they were 0____0

So I was wondering, won’t this create more dust in the bedroom now then?

Sighh… guys…

Anyway he is the one with the sinus… so lets see if he can tahan the dust for how long…

I can’t clean whats on top of the wardrobe but I will definitely try to clean what’s under the bed and wherever I can reach with no danger…

BUT, I still have to give him the credits… He did make a lot of effort to schedule time to pack the room… threw away his ‘precious’ and move some cupboards out of the bedroom etc… despite, his very packed schedule. I know his exams are coming up, project datelines and all, but then I guess we still have to make time to get baby things ready.

Today, the news came from our motherhood forum that someone gave birth 1 mth in advance. A Happy yet Shocking news… got everyone on their toes now and started to faster pack and shop for baby items. Wash their clothes etc too.

I really hope the Final Phase of cleaning and arranging will finish by end October and I will be able to take pictures of the ‘makeover’ room with the baby stuffs 🙂

By the way, I am waking up earlier and earlier, despite my later and later sleeping hours… I wonder if that’s why I am getting more cranky these days…

A bit upset whenever I heard my grandma-in-law makes comments about my hubby’s cousin’s son and I am kinda of stress that, my baby won’t be up to my inlaws’ standards…

Sometimes, I wish to tell my grandma-in-law that her remarks were insensitive especially it sound as if trying to hint me something… I hope she doesn’t drive me to depression…


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