Marriage & Parenting

Day 2 and 3 Packing…

Some of you must be wondering, how come my packing stopped at Day 1.

No lah, I did pack for another day and threw out 3 bags of rubbish. Hmmm… I should have taken pictures on the bags of rubbish I threw out…

Anyway, today will be my 3rd day of Packing and tomorrow we would be shifting out some of the cupboards and doing some re-arrangement to the room design. Yeah, hope to show ya all the Phase One shifting soon ^^

Had this urge to blog a bit more today so mostly likely you can see a few new posts in one day. But of coz, that would stop me from packing still.

Oh yaa, I had friends who commented my blog is ermmm.. boring coz very few photos… I know… I will improve on that and actually I love taking photos!!! Just that I am lazy to post the photos in more than one avenue since most of the photos could be found in Facebook already. Nevertheless, I do agree in the comments and suggestions and you will see the improvement in my blog gradually. And I do hope I can blog more often too 🙂

So don’t worry and just keep giving me feedbacks k? I really appreciate it. I am new to blogging still and I definitely don’t wish to bore my readers 🙂

Just some updates 🙂 I am eating well now so no worries k!!! I should say I am fully recovered now 😀

Sooo.. Lets get on with the Packing and Blogging now ^^


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