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My 3D2N in KKH

Finally, I am going to blog about my 3D2N at KKH.

It was indeed a terrible and traumatic experience for all 3 of us, me, my Laogong and Baby Jamie…

It started like this…

On Tuesday Afternoon, I was happily packing baby things and clearing some rubbish away in the room… And that Night was peaceful too, as I helped my MIL hanged up the freshly washed hand-down baby clothes to be dried.

Suddenly, it started after past midnight like a curse…

At first, it was just the pooing…which comes like every few minutes…. But that was only the beginning…

I decided to sleep earlier and crawled into my bed and covered myself in blanket. After a while, my Laogong joined me in bed.

Halfway through my sleep, at about 3am, I started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to puke… I moaned and moaned and finally I struggled out of bed to puke… and it was like endless… there was like so much things to puke out… I wonder if I ate so much at dinner…

I crawled back to bed and soon, the most horrible thing happened… I ran to the toilet with a bad tummyache and started puking and pooing AT THE SAME TIME. I know it sounds really gross but try to imagine someone sitting on the toilet bowl pooing uncontrollably and also puking onto the toilet floor uncontrollably…

Saw ‘Drag me to Hell’ the Puke is as disgusting as THAT… coming out from my mouth uncontrollably…in Green somemore coz there was nothing left in my tummy but gastric juice…

I screamed for Laogong to come help me. He woke up in a shock and was even more shock when he saw me puking and pooing… He didn’t know what to do but just keep clearing the toilet floor as I continued to puke my gastric juices out. He gave me warm water… held on to my hands… but there was nothing else he could do… I could only keep moaning and said I didn’t know what’s wrong with me and I wanted to leave the toilet because I felt I was so disgusting myself. We were both so helpless…

When everything finally stopped, Laogong helped me to the bed where we both were so exhausted and sleepy… But that was not all…

After a few minutes, I suddenly have this sharp series of contractions coming from my tummy. It lasted for like 5 minutes each time it struck me. It went on for another hour as I squeezed my Laogong’s hand each time the contraction came.

When he realized the contractions were getting more frequent, he decided to send me to the hospital. I was then wheel-chaired to the car and sent to KKH… I couldn’t walk so had to be wheel-chaired all the way. The nurse sent me to the delivery suite because I was more than 30th weeks pregnant.

It was about 6am when I reached KKH.

They monitored baby’s heartbeat and contractions with a machine and told me that baby’s heartbeat is weak and there are signs of contractions…

The nurses suggested I stayed warded for observations since there were signs of contractions and not sure if baby was affected and need to be delivered prematurely. They even did the figures for us and it was a 50k bill if baby had to be delivered now. OMG…

We discussed for a while before deciding to stay warded because we really cannot afford to risk the 50K bill and of coz baby’s health since I was dehydrated and maybe unable to take solid food for a while.

At almost 8am or so on 23th September 2009, Wednesday, I was warded into KKH.

This was when my 3D2N began.


Day 1: 23rd September, Wednesday

I was pretty surprised at the system in KKH and wondered if it’s the same for all hospital. It seems that everyone had a designated chore to do and there was no one person who can help me settle everything at the same time. Weird.

A ward attendance wheel-chaired me to my ward and I was left there unattended for some time. A nurse came and put my name tag on. A doctor came to needle me and put me on the drip holder. Another nurse came to pass me my ward-wear. Then another nurse come and put me on the drip. Then the doctor came and inject medicine into the drip for me.

*Cough* it took like 1-2hrs to get all these done. And I kept telling each person I saw that I was in shorts and very cold, can I have my ward-wear… haizzz…

But maybe it’s more systematic this way? Hmmm…

Anyhow, by the time, I put on the ward-wear and drip and lay down in bed it’s already 10am. Was alone there because Laogong needed to go home to get my stuffs, handphone, informed my close friends, informed my mother, took urgent leave from work etc…

I was very hungry then and very much neglected. Just as I was about to take my nap with an empty stomach, a lovely angel in white brought me biscuits and a cup of milo… And told me she would be sending some bread up for me as well. True enough, I was served with two slice of bread and another cup of milo… I finished the biscuit, 1 slice of bread and the two cups of milo before I dozed off.

I woke up to see my very cold bowl of lunch = fish ball noodles… I wondered it was cold because I had overslept past lunchtime. It was about 1.30pm.

I called Laogong and true enough he had fell asleep. Poor him, he must be very tired because of all the hassle the night before. He came over to company me and I thought he was very bored and poor thing also because there wasn’t much he could do. He watched TV, tried to sleep, played internet games and even tried to squeeze into my bed. But having him around was a great comfort already.

I ‘observed’ my ‘neighbours’ (I was in a 4 bedder ward) and realized one was a Malay lady inducing her delivery and the other was a Malay lady who had just given birth. There was a whole kampong of people who came to visit the Malay lady who had just given birth.

Well, I had to say I always love children and had medium tolerance for noise. But then the kampong of young children were running around and screaming away. I told Laogong to go out and scold them like a teacher. :X hahaha… Of coz he didn’t lah.

He accompanied me until 4pm and decided to go to NTU for his master classes. But I think he was then too tired to concentrate in class and hence went home for a nap and dinner instead. After Laogong left, I dozed off again.

My MIL came to visit me after work at about 5.30pm. And I was had just taken a few bites of the cold bowl of dinner = wanton macaroni.

My brother and da sao came at about 7pm and my two ‘jiemeis’ came at 8pm to see me.

Really grateful to all those who came and see me. Though I was weak and unable to entertain them much but I was really glad to have some company.

I dozed off again when they all left. And woke up at close to 11pm. Laogong then took over the ‘night shift’ and company me till 2am when I dozed off again. So happy he brought the camera and we started snapping photos~!!! See how weak I was… helpless… so helpless…

Day 2: 24th September, Thursday

I realized why I was freezing in the middle of the night. It was raining when I woke up at 8am. I was eager to go home today. However, when the doctor visited me at 8.30am, he advised me to stay for another day and to stay on drip in case baby was malnutrition if I was unable to take solid food. And hence, I had to be warded for another day.

Breakfast came at 9am and cheered me up a lot. It was steaming hot chee cheong fun and siew mai!!! I also had a hot mug of milo without milk served to me. I had to say for the 3D2N in KKH, milo was my life savior especially when I couldn’t eat much for the first day. I was served milo 4 times a day, for breakfast, morning teabreak, afternoon teabreak and for supper~

I never had so much milo in my life…

Lunch was something different. This time, I ordered something ‘normal’ like porridge with the meat and vegetables… yummy…They tasted good and HOT…

By the way, halfway through my breakfast, I was asked to try to off the drip and see if I can eat solid food. And so by lunch, I was off the drip already 🙂

I was happy to see Annie who came over to visit me before she went out to meet her friends. Wow… I envied her~ After giving birth to her baby Brian, she actually still can have her social life. She dressed up nicely and put on makeup too. She told me she was all ready to be back at work. I was really happy for her too because she had gotten a good maid who can not only do the housework but also take good care of her baby. Her life seems undisturbed. I look forward to having such undisturbed post-delivery life too… I hope…

I dozed off again. There was nothing much to do but to zzz all day. And later I realized why I could sleep this much. It was one of the medications that was making me sleepy which was a good thing. Cant imagine myself staring into the blank for the whole day. But I had to say, I was still lucky because the ward had a good view and I was just lying by the window. And since I was off the drip, I could get on and off the bed more easily now. So going to the toilet was actually a happy thing to do since I could move my muscles abit. I felt weak on the first day and didn’t feel like walking at all.

Laogong came to visit me at about 5pm. It was dinner time and he was hungry too. I couldn’t finish my dinner as usual and passed it to him to finish up for me. See how happy he looked in the photo. It was rare of him to want to eat porridge, hence I believe he was really very hungry.

I was also very happy that he brought me a laptop and our maxonline toggle. I could then FINALLY go online and update all my friends on MSN and Facebook on my whereabouts. Feel warmth having so many asked how I was. Thank you all for the well-wishes… Love you all ^^

Russ and my older SIL came at around the same time at 8pm and we all had a good chat. I was advised on how I could try to claim the rest of my medical bills via medishield… wow… this is something new. If we can claim, will be great~!!!

I told Laogong to go home to rest after they left. At 11pm, I called Laogong up again because I couldn’t sleep. He decided to come back to accompany me till I managed to fall asleep. So touched… Poor Laogong, coz of me, he didn’t had a good rest for the 3D2N too.

Day 3: 25th September, Friday
I woke up around 8am as well and was in an extremely good mood today! Because Doctor told me I could go home today!!! What’s more, I was having yummy hotcakes and milo for breakfast!!!


Actually, Doctor did ask if I wished to stay for another day, just in case. But then I asked if I had any major problem and he said no. And since I was still pooing (but not puking anymore), I asked if I would eventually recover even if I don’t stay for another day. He said Yes, and since it takes time for the body to recover, so it’s normal that I was still pooing. Hence, I decided to go home.

And weird enough, immediately after I was granted to go home, I felt healthier already! I even stopped pooing the whole morning!!!

By 11am, I had changed to my own clothes and packed my bag. Nurses came one after another, to remove my drip holder, check my baby heartbeat, gave me my medication and also got me to sign the discharge form. I waited anxiously for my last meal in KKH. It came at 12.30pm and it seemed to be the best meal I ever had, although the fish was a bit too salted.

I was off to the pickup point shortly after 1pm to wait for my brother to fetch me home…

(Anyone wan buy 4D??? If tio, can just donate some to my medication bills or/and baby fund k? thank you very much…)

Latest Update on my Well-being, 28th September, Monday

Now, I had started my rice diet… and I seemed to love rice more… And I started to fear porridge…

I guess, too much of anything is not good. I had loved porridge when I was in the ward. Because that was the only food I can eat after I took off my drip. And I still love porridge when I got home. But since my porridge breakfast today, I suddenly fear porridge. I even chose to eat wholemeal bread with margarine for lunch and cheese biscuits for teabreak.

And I love my lunch and dinner yesterday and my dinner today. I had rice in soup 🙂 I had lotus and corn soup yesterday for both meals and fish and vegetables soup for dinner today.

I am definitely looking forward to feast soon~!!! Hehehe…

And I can try my first feast in a while.. roti prata :X


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