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10 Steps to Be a Happy and Pretty Mummy~


Sorry all for the long long wait…

Was busy trying to find a full time job which I can start work after my delivery, to sustain our livelihood as it is really not easy to have an unstable income when you have a baby.

Sighhh… some people may say, ‘that’s why they decided not to have a baby!’…

I don’t deny that having a baby will mean missing out a lot of fun or limited to a certain range of jobscopes. However, it may not necessary means you can’t be a super-mum – juggling career and baby at the same time. I guess, it depends a lot on each of our aspirations.

I will say I can always find a job with a stable income, regular working hours and yet a job I really enjoy doing. It’s really how we choose to look at things. Instead of thinking that a lot of sacrifices have to be made, why not look at it with another angle. Parenthood will make life more fun and fulfilling…

I know of mummies who tell me that they feel that ‘it’s all worth it’ when they come home everyday and look at their little babies… their smiles will make all the tiredness go away.

Yes, we can have both the cake and eat it at the same time~!!! So, we can really look at the same situation at many different angles.

This is the same reason why I name this blog – 10 Steps to Be a Happy and Pretty Mummy~

I believe that ‘losing your prime years’ may not be the only reason for fearing parenthood. Another most common reason among women, is ‘fear of losing your figure and attractiveness’.

Frankly, it’s not scary to be a mummy. Some may say ‘OMG, see how WIDE you had become~’ But never fear because it will only be temporary!!! As long as you keep up with a good diet, exercise regularly and be active on breastfeeding, you will be back in shape in no time! And I heard that breastfeeding is the best solution to slimming~~ because each 30minutes of feed will burn up to 500 calories. It’s something the treadmill or dieting cannot do for you. So just make full use of your natural ‘giving’ abilities to the full potential ^^

I had seen amazing model examples so far. I had seen mummies back in shape by the full month celebration. And I also have known of non-active breastfeeding mummies who are back in shape by the 6th month too! So never fear, because as long as you choose to believe it is possible, it is definitely be possible~!!!

Hereby, I will share with you my 10 steps to be a Happy and Pretty Mummy~


Frankly, I NEVER get out of my house without Makeup, unless I don’t wish to be recognized! Hahaha…

Anyhow, a simple makeup will take you less than 15minutes. So why find excuses that it’s tiring? A simple makeup will not only make you look good, it can brighten up your mood too! And a Happy Mood = a Happy Mummy = a Happy Baby~

Check out my before and after photo… Normally, I won’t like to pose a non-makeup photo online, but well, for the sake of proving my point, I have to make this exception. So please DON’T circulate my horrible non-makeup photo around hor~!!!

Before makeup

After makeup


I believe, most mummies don’t wear the conventional maternity wear until their last trimester these days. Partly coz the latest fashion trend is flair dresses and partly coz the conventional maternity wear really look UGLY and fairly more expensive.

Well, we don’t really need to make do with the Maternity Wear too if your tummy is not VERY BIG or if you can replace it with something more cheerful and pretty.

Just showcase some of my wardrobe. Not super pretty dresses, but then I think makes me look ‘normal’. Hahaha…

But, this may also be the reason why I always don’t get the seats on buses and MRT trains during my 1st and 2nd trimester. Nowadays, when my tummy really STICKS out, I realized there are kind Singaporeans around too.


I was told to wear more cheerful and bright colours because it will give me more GLOW…And I think so far, the comments of my cheerful clothes are positive 🙂

But of coz if you prefer to look ‘unpregnant’ then you can go for dark colours too~


It is normal to feel helpless and worried about whether you can handle your baby or not. But then there are so many resources available online and offline nowadays!

a. Read about Information and Knowledge on Caretaking of newborns

Pick up any highly recommended parenthood books and start reading~

But of coz, beware of the overwhelming information too. Try to compare the information with what your friends have and filter out the old wives tales or the unproven contents.

Always stick to the credible authors and websites. I stick to website like where a lot of information can be found there. They even have weekly newsletter to keep you updated on your baby’s growth progress.

These are some of the books I read too.

Other than books on caretaking of babies, you can read about recipes for pregnant mummies and recipes for confinement too.

b. Take up Preparation Classes to welcome the arrival of your newborns

You can also attend the Parentcraft Lessons by Mrs Wong Boh Boi. You can find out more information from Thomson Medical Centre’s website. It’s a 5 lessons + 1 seminar course. Mrs Wong is the expert who will teach you what to expect during pregnancy and some of the skills required to caretake your newborn baby.

c. Always have Faith in yourself

Most importantly, always have faith in yourself. Especially as first-time mummies, we need to believe practices make perfect, and try not to be too hard on ourselves.


You can choose different ways of interacting with your Baby. You can do it on a routine-based or randomly.

a. Reading to Your Baby

Since mine is a baby girl, I like to read fairytales or girlish stories for my baby. Sometimes it’s quite cute because the daddy also wants to hear the stories together with the baby 😛

Remember to be dramatic and interesting when you read the stories. And if daddy can join in, will be even better!

b. Playing Music for Your Baby

I personally like symphony music and bought one CD from THAT’S MUSIC. They have symphony music collections and nursery rhymes for newborns to toddlers.

So far, both Laogong and I enjoy the CD too 🙂

By the way, some researchers said that Symphony Music can help the baby to have better brain development and concentration span. Not sure how true it is. We will know when baby Jamie grows up. Heehee…

But if daddy and mummy prefer other music, it’s fine too. You can play any music you prefer to the baby. Ohh.. and we love KTV… hope my baby loves it too! Hahaha…

c. Talk to Your Baby

The easiest way to interact with the baby is to just TALK TO THE BABY~

Believe it or not, your baby can recognize your voice birth when you TALK to him/her enough. Many daddies and mummies exclaimed that the baby turns to their direction when their names are called. Amazing right?! So make sure your baby recognize your voice. And they will feel extremely safe and secure when him/her hear your voice at birth.

You can talk to the baby about anything lor. But most importantly is the 3 words ‘I Love You.’


These are just some of the well-known Tonic or Herbal supplements.

a. Birdnest is Good = Improve Baby Complexion

Ehhh, it’s really up to you to believe or not. There are those who pledged by that birdnest will produce fair and smooth skinned babies even if the parents are tanned.

b. Tang Sheng is Good = Improve Breathing (气) = Helps in Natural Delivery

It’s known that drinking Tang Sheng + Red Dates + Wolfberries can increase breath counts, especially for mummies with asthmatic history. Since I had been making the drink lately. Worried I don’t have the 气 to PUSH when it’s time for delivery.

c. Huai Shan helps in 安神

We all know that as the tummy grows bigger, mummies will have difficult in sleeping. And Huai Shan has the calming effect to help mummies to sleep better.


Depending on each of our cravings, mummies should eat as much as they want to, but not unnecessarily. Which means, mummies are supposed to eat when they are hungry but not overindulging in unhealthy food or eating for the sake of eating.

Well, so far, I am not a very carbo person, hence I don’t eat a lot of Rice or Noodles now still. But I eat chocolate and/or icecream maybe 2-3 times a week (which I normally don’t).

However, for those who have high glucose level, I think they should eat as much icecream and chocolate as me. But still, they don’t need to give them up totally still.

Moderation is the magic word.

But one thing to note is, never to have unnecessary weight gain. On average, mummies shouldn’t gain more than 12kg throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Experienced daddies will tell you, most mummies will need extra effort to lose the extra weight after deliveries.


Yupyup, you must always remember that you are not alone. There are other mummies out there going through the same thing as you.

Guess what, I have many friends and relatives giving birth or had given birth this year. And we had been sharing a lot online and offline.

Sharing our frustrations and doubts will help to ease your uncertainty. So don’t keep to yourself when you need a listening ear.

But of coz, the best support is still your spouse. But most men are unable to understand the emotional and physical change in mummies, hence we need to always update them on how we feel. No one will know when you need support if you don’t voice out your thoughts.

Continue to update your friends and spouse on your emotional needs after delivery. This will prevent pre-natal and post-natal depression. I believe your girlfriends will always be there for you. I am really grateful I have a group of very lovely girlfriends who always lend me their listening ears… Thanks girls~!!! *Hugs*


As we all know, the Elderly always have something to say.

It’s ranged from old wives tale to 老人言. And they always think they know everything. But sometimes I really wonder, everyone has been first-time parents before, including these Elderly. Hence, how can they think we should know everything when they didn’t know everything at their times?

And I agree that most of them think we are stupid or something… But actually, we may be more informed than them because we are more educated and have more reading resources. However, we cannot deny that many of them are very experienced with the babies now. But since they had been given the chance to develop their caretaking skills in the past, they should give us the chance to develop our caretaking skills too. No one is born to know how to swim or walk or talk right?
Anyhow, we should filter whatever ‘suggestions and comments’ given by them. Only believe what is factual or have been proven by the doctors.

Don’t be affected by Big Mouths or discouraging statements especially after our delivery. There will be bound to unforgiving comments like:

– How come no breast milk ah?
– If it’s so hard to breastfeed then never mind lah, just feed formula milk, don’t starve my grandchild
– Must be eat too little during pregnancy, that’s why baby so small size
– Must be this and must be that…

If we take everything these Big Mouths say seriously, we are going to go crazy manz!


Being pregnant, doesn’t stop us from shopping!

But of coz, we can’t walk as much as before. However, just take short breaks in between and have some girly chat and tea before the next round of shopping!!!

a. You Can Save By Getting Free Hand-downs

Always check with your friends or relatives before you draw up your shopping list. You never know how much you can save by actually getting free hand-downs!!!

I am grateful that I have quite a bit of hand-downs from my sibling, relatives and friends. It helps me to save a lot, especially on newborn clothes! Since baby outgrow very fast, it will be wasteful to buy too many newborn clothes. And 2nd hand clothes are actually more comfy to wear as it’s more seasoned. But of coz it depends too whether these 2nd hand clothes are hand-washed or machine-washed. Hehehe…

b. Prepare a Shopping List, Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need.

Believe me, shopping for babies can be so addictive!!! And you will suddenly feel everything is SOOO cute and you somehow will end up buying some things which you may not need.

Hence, it will always be good to prepare a shopping list and just keep to it. It’s better than spending more on unnecessary stuffs and realized you haven’t bought the necessary stuffs.

c. If You Can’t Walk Much, You Can Always Shop Online

During our last trimester, walking may become a hassle. However, never fear~!!!

There are many online shopping websites which you can shop on if you have last minute items to purchase. If not, you can shop at the Singapore motherhood forum too. There are many good deals there!!!

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