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[Movie Review] UP = a MUST watch Movie~!!!

Back from my outing with my Laogong 🙂

We watched very good movie called the UP. Yes, the 3D animation by Walt Disney!!! It is so good that I will call it a MUST watch movie!!!

At first, we both thought the movie is about a cranky old man who learns how to interact with the little boy. But we realized we are WRONG~!!! There are much more moral to the story…

The movie tells of a young boy who met with a young girl. Both of them are adventures seekers and they promised each other that one day they will go to a place called The Paradise Fall and live there in their little house. However, as they grow up, they put their dreams aside as they focus on building their home and enjoying each other’s company. Even till the last part when the young girl (now an old lady) passed away, they didn’t go to the Paradise Fall. At this point of time, the young old (now the old man) felt a loss and felt he needs to fulfill his dead wife’s dream. He then tries to fly his house in helium balloon towards the Paradise Fall. But when he did reach the Paradise Fall and opened up the stretch book made by his wife. He then realized, his wife had never regretted marrying him and giving up her dream. To her, able to grow old with him, is already the biggest adventure of her life…

I cried at several parts of the movie… It’s just too touching. As I held on to the hands of my Laogong, we both had this strong belief that, our greatest adventure in our life is also to grow old with each other…

Though sometimes we do wonder if we made the right decisions to get married so young (my Laogong is only 25 yrs old when he ROMed me and 27 yrs old when we had our customary wedding and he will be a father at 28 yrs old… and yes, he is 2 yrs younger than me…and when he ROMed me, he had just graduated from NTU…) and whether it’s the right decision to have a baby so early. However, if we really think about it, maybe we lost our so called Prime Years and unable to enjoy the late nights like many other of our age. But then what we gain is something these same group of people cannot enjoy or understand too.

Holding each other dearly, we believe we can walk to the end together… as we build our future together…with no regrets…


Laogong and I then watched his favourite ‘Last Light’ at Vivo before we headed to Sentosa for my favourite Subway Dinner ^^

Yummy… We had our favourite Subway Melt together with chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cookies… Heehee…


One thought on “[Movie Review] UP = a MUST watch Movie~!!!

  1. yeah… i love UP and cried because it is touching to know that though old, it is never too late to pursue a dream…


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