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24th week Gynae Checkup

Hihi All 🙂

It’s my 24th week regular Gynae Checkup today!

As usual, it was a 1hr plus wait at the clinic but luckily I had a laptop with me, so I just keep myself entertained on Facebook, Gmail and Msn ^^

My Laogong on the other hand, had a good nap.

Everything is normal for Baby Jamie.

Ohhh yaa… did I mention that I already gave Baby a name? I am calling her Jamie (Lok). Heehee… Why ah? We both just happened to like the name. And it’s actually my other name ^^ So just nice lor, can give it to my girl girl now 😀

Oh Yes! I was talking about Baby Jamie. She is 700gram now. Was 312gram last mth. Growing well~!!! Heard baby should be doubling her weight every month for now. Not sure of her length now though. Didn’t get the ultrasound scanned picture today 😦

Maybe coz cheeky Jamie was head down and lying on her tummy! She showed us her buttocks and shook it at us somemore~!!! So cheeky~!!! My Gynae, couldn’t helped it and kept laughing as she pointed the buttocks to us.

Aiyoh… Jamie must have waited for her turn until impatient liao…Coz I told her we are going to see the gynae and throughout the 1hr plus of wait, she kept fidgeting non-stop… *shakes head* I felt so paiseh in front of the gynae… My Laogong felt paiseh also. After he got out of the gynae room, he ‘spanked’ Baby Jamie buttocks (on the part of my tummy where her buttocks are supposed to be) for being rude just now. Kekeke… Baby Jamie got her first spank from Daddy before she is born 😛

Can’t wait to feel her first flying kick in my tummy. Gynae said I should be able to feel it by 28th week. So excited over it! But hor, actually I am already suffering from her fidgeting liao. Coz she is having her head down and legs up. And she keeps poking her legs into my ribcage!!! Nowadays, I have to eat small but more meals… But hor, I always have craving leh!!! But I just cannot eat as much as I want to~!!!

Think it’s coz Jamie is vain. And refuses to let mummy overeat and make her grow into a fat baby 0___0 Haizz… I am terrorized by my Baby 😛

But well, maybe it is not a bad thing. At least I will be able to be in control of my weight gain! So far so good! Gained only 800gram and 400gram belongs to Jamie 😛 So Happy ^^

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to JB and Malacca^^ to shop and feast on seafood 😛 Yummy… I hope I can eat more tomorrow~~~

“Good Jamie, better let mummy eat her fill tomorrow!!!”

I promise I will take alot of pictures for my trip tomorrow and posted my latest picture online for you all k 😀

Till then, nitez and see ya all soon ^^

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