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Sorry for the MIA…

Paiseh all… I MIA-ed again~!!!

Wonder why I am so lethargic and always sleepy these days 😦 Maybe hormonal changes again… And hor, my skin condition got BAD again 😦 Dry and Flaky skin…OMG~!!! Am I going to be an ugly mummy?!!

I had been waking up at 12noon leh… ermmm.. abit late hor?! And I don’t sleep that late leh… Anyone knows what reason can it be?

But was really shocked to hear from my galfriend, R yesterday. She was sharing about her flu and MC for 7 days. It seems that nowadays GP will give Tamiflu pills to whoever who has flu… However, she decided not to take the pills because she is pregnant now and is worried about the side effects on her baby. Hope that she only had common flu and will recover very soon on its own…

You must be wondering why she wished to take the risk. At first, we both didn’t know of any known side effects of Tamiflu. But I guess God (whichever God it is) heard her questions last night and this morning there was an article on the side effects of Tamiflu pills. It was written there that there was a 45 yrs old man who was under stress and taking Tamiflu. He ended up committing suicide. There were other examples of the side effects, like hallucination and insomnia. Sounds really scary. All the more when we are pregnant, we are more vulnerable to depression. Hence taking Tamiflu may resulted in suicidal inclination. And since it can cause such great harm to the mummy, most likely the child will be affected too.

Lets pray for her k? Pray to whichever God you believe in. And Hope her flu is just a common flu and she will recover really soon, with no harm done to her baby…

She has prayed to conceive this baby for 2 years and finally had her wish granted. So, I really hope she can pull through whatever challenges that came and will come along the way…


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